The FECRS takes safety extremely seriously, which is one of the reasons we have developed such a good relationship with the FEC. Please read our safety guidelines below so we can all continue to enjoy this hobby well into the future!

  • The number one rule is to expect a train at any time in any direction. On double track, this is especially dangerous as an approaching train can mask the sound of another behind you. 
  • Stay off of the tracks.  Railroads are private property and being on the tracks is trespassing.  Stay behind any No Trespassing signs that are present.
  • Do not go into yards, shops, etc. One sure way to get into trouble is to go where you do not belong. Find a place on public property where you can watch, a street, station, or overpass.
  • Do not stand close to the tracks when trains pass by. Occasionally a train may drag a wire or metal strap that you do not want to get hit by. 
  • Respect others property, do not go onto private property without permission. Leave public areas as you found them. 
  • Try not attract unwanted attention. Some railfans have been checked out by law enforcement, most will understand what a railfan is. If you get stopped and have a scanner, turn it off. Most law enforcement won't care if you have one, especially if you only have railroad frequencies in it. 
  • If you do want to see offlimits portions of railroad property, join FECRS events like conventions and tours to safely view the property and the trains we love.
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